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Module 1 - The world needs innovators like you!

This video enables you to get a flavor for the Interview an Innovator experience.

Background for Students

Explore Your Career Interests, Write Compelling Articles and Share Your Work with a Public Audience

Learn about entrepreneurship, innovation and digital communications. You will identify and interview an innovator that is of personal interest to you and then write and publish an article that will be accessible via a public blog. Here is an example of a student article.

The Interview an Innovator course consists of eight short videos (5-10 minutes each) and a course workbook. Your professor will decide whether to use the course during live in-class sessions or in a blended format.


  • Understand the characteristics and experiences of an entrepreneur.
  • Spark innovative / entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Learn more about your career interests.
  • Network effectively. 
  • Gain understanding on how to write compelling content and then promote it using social media. 
  • Build a positive and professional digital presence.
  • Learn how to approach a practical project and gain first-hand insight about the innovators and entrepreneurs’ different experiences: experimenting, failing, iterating and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The World Needs Innovators Like You!

    • Student Workbook
    • Video: The World Needs Innovators Like You!
    • Assignment - Explore What Innovation Means for You
  • 2

    Connect with an Individual of Interest

    • Video #2 - Connect with an Individual of Interest
    • Assignment - Identify an Innovator to Interview
  • 3

    Conduct a Successful Interview

    • Video #3 - Conduct a Successful Interview
    • Assignment - Prepare for Your Interview
  • 4

    Write a Compelling Article

    • Video #4 - Write a Compelling Article
    • Assignment - Write a First Draft
  • 5

    Edit your Article and Incorporate Visuals

    • Video #5 - Edit your Article and Incorporate Visuals
    • Assignment - Edit your Piece
  • 6

    Gain Approval from Interviewee

    • Video #6 - Gain approval from interviewee
    • Assignment - Secure Approval from Interviewee
  • 7

    Publish and Promote your Content

    • Video #7 - Publish and Promote your Content
    • Assignment: Proofread of your Article and Promote the Published Piece
  • 8

    Interpret Feedback

    • Video #8 - Interpret Feedback
    • Assignment - Identify Successes and Areas for Improvement


Kevin Anselmo, founder of the Global Innovators Academy and Experiential Communications, is passionate about communications, education, innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the years, he has developed online courses and in-person workshops for many reputable universities and research organizations. Previously, Kevin was Director of Public Relations for Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and prior to that managed the media relations for IMD in Switzerland. Kevin lived and worked in Switzerland for eight years and in Germany for two years. Learn more about his work

Course Producer

The Interview an Innovator course is produced by Jason Van Sant, founder of Reach Creative. Jason is a coach, strategist and producer who helps clients create compelling educational videos. For over a decade, he has created many successful promotional videos and courses at Duke University. Learn more about his work.

About Global Innovators Academy

The Global Innovators Academy inspires future innovators. The program provides students with exposure to innovative and entrepreneurial thinkers through an experiential communications training program that educators can use in their classes (free of charge). 

Note to educators: If you would like to enroll your students in this complimentary program and use our Educator's Curriculum Guide, please contact Kevin Anselmo, founder of the Global Innovators Academy. Learn more about the concept for the Global Innovators Academy.